Almost 3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

I know what you’re thinking. These are more than 3 ingredients. I get it. I’m not that (strawberry) blonde. But seriously to only use sweet potato, nut butter and eggs as your main ingredients is pretty legit. More likely than not you already have these items in your pantry and can make them today! One bowl, one skillet and voila! No guilt or shame eating pancakes when the ingredients are nutrient dense. The carb rich sweet potato with the small amount of fat (in the nut butter) is perfect pre-workout. You could easily top these with bananas and syrup and call it a day! They store well too!

Almost 3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Serves 4


Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl.

Ladle ¼ cup servings of mix onto a heated and greased skillet. Make sure they cook completely on one side prior to flipping (and don't make them too big!). Silver dollar size is perfect.

Serve immediately with toppings of your choice!

Also make a great pre-workout snack!


¾ cup mashed sweet potatoes, packed

3 tbsp peanut butter or nut butter

2 eggs

½ tsp apple cider vinegar

¼ tsp baking soda

BreakfastSara Nelson