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We teach the simplicity behind the science of nutrition through recipes, health articles, and a private coaching practice. We are dedicated to helping people feel and look their best, uncovering the pillars of health – food, exercise, sleep, and community. Through science-based research, we will implement strategies towards improved health. Our coaching philosophy is based on a macronutrient-dense diet and uses this framework to help clients learn long-term strategies towards health and wellness. Our areas of coaching are completely personalized to help you feel your best and achieve wellness; whether that be finding balance, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, muscle gain, or improving your relationship with food itself – we can help you.


Let’s get IT started

Ready to make a change? Click the link below to begin your journey. We will start with an introductory session and onboard form where we will determine your goals. (We have to know where you are to help you determine where you’re going). You’ll be given a custom macronutrient plan with weekly goals on how many grams of each macronutrient to eat along with instructions and “how to’s.” You’ll begin by tracking your daily food intake using a food diary app along with logging your food intake via food scales and measurements. We will use your personal coaching plan and shared documents on the cloud to communicate virtually about your progress on a weekly basis by phone and email. We will use data to track your progress via scale weight, girth measurements, and fitness testing.


Nutrition coaching

After completing the initial consultation, we have an in-depth programs based on your unique health goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle mass, we custom design a program that works for you. We have experience with a range of nutrition styles, including flexible dieting, keto, reverse dieting, carb cycling and elimination diets, and will help you find the one that is right for your goals. A two-month commitment is required.

All of our programs include:

Initial Consultation

Nutrition Planning Session

Customized Nutrition Plan Spreadsheet

Follow-up Appointments (30 minutes and 60 minutes)

Monthly Retainer

You’ll receive one-on-one support with weekly phone or virtual check-ins with your coach via our cloud based spreadsheets. You have additional anytime access to nutrition coaching and support with a 24/hour response time (outside of our weekend “get unplugged” days). You’ll be provided the opportunity to share your goals and select a nutrition program that works for you – such as flex dieting or keto – and the flexibility to change as you go. Lastly, you’ll be provided with educational materials (including an e-book) to get you started and set you up for success!


“The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”

ARNOLD H. GLASOW  |  Businessman


Mastering the Skill of Goal Setting

Setting Goals

When we ask clients about their fitness goals, most respond with the outcome that they want to achieve: “I want to lose 10 pounds.” “I want to get abs.” “I want to stop binge eating.” “I want to squat double my body weight.” “I want to feel alleviate my symptoms.” This describes the end-results and begins with the END. We can’t start there! Wanting these outcomes are simply not enough to control the result. We can want it really really REALLY badly, but wanting simply isn’t enough. Our results are affected by our environment and community. (Stressful job, two kids, you get sick, you gym hours don’t work for your schedule, you travel a lot, you’re not sleeping, etc.…you get the idea). WE simply cannot make our bodies do what we “want.” This is where behavior goals come in: We coach you and help focus on the things you do have control over. These goals represent our commitment to a practice and set of actions, daily, weekly, and monthly.

You’ll get to work with a coach to outline your outcome goals but also set specific behavior goals to meet you desired results. That all sounds great, right? So what’s a realistic weight loss goal? Here are actual client results…


Real Client Weight Loss in Pounds Over 2 Months

Real client results compared to targeted weight loss at a pound per week

“Every negative thought weakens the partnership between mind and body.”

Deepak Chopra  |  Pioneer of integrative medicine


How We Achieve Health

Finding balance and radically improving health

If we wanted to change how we think, that would be rather difficult. Changing our environment doesn’t have to be. By aligning your goals and shifting your environment, our habits will follow. Using a coach and following the pillars of health, we’ll look at your environment to establish new habits that will improve your lifestyle and transform your body, no willpower required.


Pillars of Health

The four pillars of health


We only take a small number of New athletes and teach them our proven nutrition system. Spots are first-come, first-served, so don’t miss out.

The pricing for Monthly Nutrition Coaching is only $135 per month.

Monthly Reoccurring Nutrition Coaching is only $100 per month,

when you join with a 3 month commitment – over a 25% cost savings.

This is a recurring monthly fee, payable online, and will be capped at 10 people. You may cancel at anytime after your commitment.Once completely full, we will create a waiting list. Click below to join our waitlist and guarantee your pricing.