Why Chicks Need Creatine (& Dudes too!)

Our good friend Spencer Murphy over at Xendurance recently shared with me the benefits of Creatine and has me convinced not enough women know about the benefits. I think we can all agree there is a stigma around creatine and specifically women and how it can make us “bulky.” I had avoided taking creatine for years, thinking that it would only make me big, bloated and bulky. Boy was I wrong! I’ve had more energy and muscle stamina along with increased strength gains and recovery since I’ve added creatine to my training supplements. Within the 3 weeks I’ve been taking it, I’m 100% sold on creatine supplementation. It’s a proven and safe sports supplement that can be used by anyone (women too!) wanting to get a lean and buff bod!

We are lucky that Spencer will be visiting our gym soon to talk about Creatine and all of it’s awesome benefits. For those of you who can’t be there in person, check out Spencer’s go-to advice on this essential nutrient and why Creatine JB may be right for you.

Creatine is an Essential Nutrient. You need to consume 10g of Creatine in your diet to function correctly. Function= Getting Up, Going to Work, Go Home, and Sleep.
You need 10g of Creatine for;
*Brain Function
*Vital Organ Function
*Skin Care
*Hormone Production and Regulation
*Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster
The best source of Creatine from food is Red Meat, and you get 2g per pound. It’s safe to say that most of you don’t eat more then 2lbs of red meat a day… Let alone the 5lbs needed to effectively react your Functioning levels.
And Finally, Creatine JB will not cause;
So, Now what do you do?
Because you will get Creatine throughout the day in your food, you don’t necessarily need to supplement the whole 10g. Usually 1 or 2 scoops of Creatine JB is enough to see amazing results.
If you are a competitive athlete, you can play around with your amount of Creatine for performance. Creatine and Lactate are the 1st two energy sources for Anarobic training, and Creatine JB has both.


Spencer Murphy works directly for Xendurance and can be contacted at spencer@xendurance.com. I have not received any special compensation directly related to this post nor the endorsement of Xendurance products. I simply believe in them. Plain and simple. 

NourishSara Nelson