Getting Started with Macros

By now you’ve decided you are ready to start tracking macros. I’ve included a beginner’s guide to getting started to help ease your transition. Included below are answers you’ll likely be asking your macro mentors (if not me) before you jump in.


    When following a macro based diet, the easiest way to keep yourself accountable as well as be as accurate as possible is to track them, using either a diary or some type of app! If you are a more traditional person, a pen and paper may be just fine for you. My suggestion is to use MyFitnessPal for EVERYTHING you ingest over the course of your coaching program.

    Either way, an example day of tracking your macros may look something like this dependent upon your goals.

    • Breakfast: Two Eggs, 1/2 cup of Oatmeal, 1 serving of Peanut Butter (P: 25, F: 28, C: 34)

    • Snack 1: Protein Shake (P: 50, F: 1, C: 0)

    • Lunch: Turkey Burger, Sweet Potato Fries, Side Salad w/ Low Fat Vinegarette (P: 22, F: 16, C: 45)

    • Snack 2: Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt, 1/2 cup of Strawberries, 1/4 cup of Kind Protein Granola (P: 17, F: 2, C: 32)

    • Dinner: 4oz Flat Iron Steak, 6oz Brown Rice, 4oz Veggies (P: 30, F: 8, C: 57)

    • Snack 3: Protein Bar (P: 25, F: 7, C:20)

    • Total for the day: P: 169, F: 56, C: 188


    In order to track and accurately log your food, you’ll need some gear in your kitchen (and you need to have quick access to it)! Some must haves include a food scale, measuring cups and measuring spoons. Not every tablespoon of peanut butter is created equally! My personal favorite scale is here.


    You can get these at any local store (check the home supplies section). You’ll need these for weekly or monthly measurements so we can track girth changes. It’s not just about scale weight, but if you need a home scale too, this one is my favorite here.


    In order to successfully hit your macros, you’re going to need to have a plan. With everyone having different needs and different schedules, there is no way to give a blanket meal plan. If you are being sold this, RUN! It’s not for you! You’ll want to work with your coach to help draft a meal plan, or better yet, sit down and spend a few minutes meal mapping. Look at your favorite breakfast options, where you typically get lunch from, and how you’ll prepare dinners. Even if you plan a few of your days a week, you’re already in better shape! You can also sign up for a meal service here with my favorite company, Territory Foods. Along with meal planning, they make great options for lunches (or those unforeseen late nights) where making dinner isn’t an option. They offer hot, cold, and almost every dietary preference you can think of! Yes, even plant-based diets too! Click the link for $50 off your first order! Order my Territory Now!


    Check out my blog post on supplements. Keep in mind, these are not necessary for everyone. Depending on your fitness routine, your health needs, and overall goals, you’ll need to see if any, what supplements are recommended. Ask your coach and be sure to incorporate these your first month of coaching.

While this list is by no means extensive, it serves as a great "jumping off” platform for you to dive in! Ready, set, track!

NourishSara Nelson